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Although sandals are often seen as a summer accessory, they can be worn all year round because they can be worn with socks at any time.
As a manufacturer of slides, we started to experiment with this style.This is a very hot products these days: bubble slides. Not only does it come with a strong personality, but it’s also a great way to relax your feet.

We have both styles: wrap head / semi-wrap head

1.Wrap Head
You must be wondering why it is comfortable because it utilizes a material: EVA, which is the softer of the shoe materials. It’s like a slipper with an EVA sole
bubbles slides many color

Usual sizes and case sizes for bulk purchases:

bubbles slides size
2.semi-wrap head
This is a new style bubble slides recently, they are made of the same material as above and have the same characteristics.
The only difference is that our toes are exposed, which is one thing we have to do in the heat of summer.
One more thing, they have different sizes and colors.
bubbles slides color
Bubble Slides Characteristics 1

What are the characteristics of bubble slides?

 1.Worried about getting dirt on it and not being able to wipe it off? Don’t worry, it’s an easy-to-clean upper that wipes clean with a single wipe.

Bubble Slides Characteristics 2

 2.Can be bent at will, do not worry about it will be deformed, EVA material makes it very comfortable elasticity.

Bubble Slides Characteristics 3
3.They are spherical in design and have the comfort of a massage ball that bounces to the bottom with each step, giving us a sharp touch.
They are very lightweight and I am sure you will feel comfortable the moment you put them on.
Bubble Slides Characteristics 4

 4.Has a peanut texture design, greatly increasing the friction, so that they cling to the ground is not easy to slide.

custom jibbitz

Is there a way I can customize them?

Of course, we offer customization of jibbitz and charms. Make them attached to the upper part of the bubble slides (full wrap head: with perforations).
They are made of rubber or can be made of other materials. We can customize them with your brand logo. The size and material you want are available.

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