4 reasons to call us for custom logo socks

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Australian Customer:Always Fantastic Quality and Service from Team, Fast service roughly 2 to 3 weeks love our new sock designs. Thank You!!

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custom logo socks

Custom logo socks are a fun and unique way to showcase the personality and style of your business. They make great gifts for friends and family, and are a great way to promote your business or brand.

Why should you call us for custom logo socks?

First, our process is relatively simple

1. You need to find the style of socks you like. Of course, you can see it here. We have many processes presented on the socks.

2. You need to send us a clear logo, tell us where you want the logo to be placed and we design a mock-up for you until you are satisfied.

Custom Socks Mock-Up
Custom Socks Mock-Up

3. Confirm the price with our salesman and the payment is done!

Second, short production cycle (example: 50 pairs)

1. We can usually finish the socks within 7 days.

2. Jacquard process is faster, embroidery, 3D printing is a little slower. Basically, you can make them in about 10 days.

3.Custom logo sock cycle will change with color and quantity, our salesman will explain to you exactly.

Third, good quality

You may think that you have heard this phrase many times, so let’s look at the voice of customers.

Australian Company – MAXLIFT:

Always Fantastic Quality and Service from Team, Fast service roughly 2 to 3 weeks love our new sock designs. Thank You!!

Custom Socks-More Color Choices
Give Customers More Color Choices

Fourth, the packaging for you

1. We pack each pair of socks individually, and then use a large bag for the collection. This makes it easy for you to transport them when you sell them.

2. Of course, we can additionally customize the sock card service and personally package them for you pair by pair. This will help increase the value of your brand.

Custom LOGO With Sock Card Or Without Sock Card
L:Without Sock Card R:With Sock Card

You can follow us on IG and we will update you on snapshots from time to time.

If you are looking for a unique and stylish product to promote your business or brand, custom logo socks are a great choice. Of course, I want to be that good choice.

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